Felix Fischer, M.Sc.


Email: felix.fischer4[at]tu-dresden.de

Room CHE/ 106

Felix was born and raised in Stuttgart. After beginning a degree in medicine at Saarland University, he changed his professional direction and studied chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. He did his Bachelor Thesis in the group of Prof. A. Jeltsch working on the investigation of substrate preferences of human protein lysine methyltransferases and joined the Plietker group for his Master Thesis in the field of iron-catalyzed C-H amination reactions. His PhD research focuses on both natural product synthesis and the development of selective C-H amination transformations, as well as on the investigation of transition metal complexes with X-ray absorption spectroscopy and Mossbauer Spectroscopy. Outside the lab he enjoys going to the gym, playing table tennis, hiking and cooking Chinese food.